Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Social Media Revolution - 2

You may remember that I posted a video on the Social Media revolution a few months ago. Well, such is the speed with which SM progresses, Socialnomics, the company that produced that first video, has had to create an updated one.

Even if you've watched the first one, this is vital viewing - plenty of new stats that are of considerable interest.



  1. Wow, thank you so much for presenting such an engaging video, cramming in all that information supported with figures! Great stuff.

  2. Thanks Callum,
    Puts everything in perspective! The way to go!

  3. That is a very impressive collection of statistics. But where's the health warning? Masssive generalisations like this are a very poor starting point for strategy development or resource allocation in the average UK business. Half the world's population may be under 30, but that is not true of the UK, or the target market for many businesses.
    Social media is another tool added to the marcomms toolkit, and its relevance should be examined as critically as any other, and accepted or rejected against situation specific criteria.