Tuesday, December 15, 2009

iMarketing - Apple Copywriting

Apple is a brand that exudes cool in an effortless manner. Of course, this is all a façade; the branding is in fact the result of clever marketing and the best expertise in the business.

Apple is one of the few brands I allow to bombard my inbox with sales marketing, despite the fact that I can barely afford a Granny Smith, let alone a shiny new iPhone. I allow them this pleasure purely to see what their talented marketing bods are up to and with festive marketing going into overdrive, thought that I’d share this ad with you all:

I could sit here and analyse the strapline’s meaning, however it’s elegant simplicity speaks for itself. Great copy from a great brand, this is a first-class example of relating the Christmas theme to product’s unique feature. ‘Cracking’ (ho ho ho) stuff.


  1. Cal,

    I agree with you completely, especially the "elegant simplicity" of Apple. As Leonardo da Vinci said, "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."


    John Zimmer

  2. Hey John,

    Very true. So many aspiring writers seem to think that they need to be overly clever, complex and cram as much allegory, pun and wit into every piece of writing as possible. I love the Da Vinci quote you've used - and for copywriting, it couldn't ring more true.